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EMDR Kent Regional Group Conference Review:

This was our first Conference to be held on Zoom and, as a Committee, we had a lot of worries about how we would manage it particularly when we began to see the numbers of people who wished to attend. In total we had 157 people who joined us on that day and the feedback to date has been really good.   It was certainly well deserved not only because of the work that went into preparing for it but also for the excellent presentations by Philip Andrews on Addiction Protocols in the morning and, after lunch, by Louise Mackinney on Dissociation, neither easy topics to fully cover in the 3 hours that they each had. However, both were clear and informed in their topics and provided very helpful research and references to help us understand these complex subjects and to follow up in developing our knowledge and understanding of working with these presenting difficulties.

Overall, we feel this was a successful day that has been reflected by the feedback we’ve received and we look forward to providing further workshops in the coming year.

Networking Meetings:

Our last Networking meeting was held on 12th September which was well attended and continued to be a good opportunity to share difficulties as well as positive experiences around online working amongst other topics. Due to our preparation for the Conference we had to delay further Networking meetings and our next is on Saturday 5th December in 2 weeks’ time.

The meeting will be held by Zoom, so you need to let Louise know if you wish to attend so that she can send you the Zoom link. If you know of others who would like to attend please ask them to get in touch rather than sharing the Zoom link with them, so that we can be sure we are complying with GDPR and aware of who will be attending.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you there on Zoom.

Bob Froud

EMDR Kent Regional Group - Treasurer.