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Latest News

Latest News

At our annual conference on Saturday 7th December, Dr Derek Farrell presented a fascinating a very useful interactive workshop on EMDR and the treatment of Major Depressive Disorders. This was particularly useful in helping Practitioners understand the importance of the Adaptive Information Processing model in understanding and developing a treatment plan with respect to the 3 pronged model of past, present and future in how depression develops and continues.  This was reflected in the excellent feedback we received at the end of the day and we'd like to thank everyone who attended for taking an active part in the day.

Annual General Meeting:

The Kent EMDR Regional Group held its AGM during the lunch break at Derek’s workshop, and we appreciated the positive response from all those who gave up a part of their lunchtime to help us to review the past year and plan for forthcoming events, particularly those who have volunteered to join the committee and help with future planning and events.  

At the meeting, our thanks and very real appreciation for the extensive and positive contributions of Louise MacKinney and Clare Dash in organising and managing the Group’s events, activities and finances and we're happy to announce that Anna Morgan has volunteered to take over the role of Secretary and Bob Froud will be taking over from Clare as Treasurer.  This also means we're hoping to find someone who would be happy to take over running this website!

Next Networking Day:.

EMDR Kent will be having another Networking morning on Saturday1st February; this will take place between 10.00am-12.00pm at Concorde House, 26a Stour St, Canterbury. This is a free meeting for members of the EMDR Association (UK & Ireland) and particularly for our EMDR colleagues in Kent as it presents a valuable opportunity to meet other EMDR practitioners and share experiences, training and knowledge; please contact us to let us know if you would like to attend.  

Next Events:

We have also decided to provide a low cost workshop on 9th May 2020 the content of the day has not yet been fully decided yet is likely to be covering working with 2 different subjects that can often present together, Addictions and Dissociation.  Please keep a look out for further information.

Bob Froud

EMDR Kent Regional Group - Committee Member.