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Events and Training

EMDR Kent Regional Group Conference; 31st October 2020; 1. Addiction & 2. Dissociation

EMDR Kent Online Conference on Addiction and Dissociation

Join us for a full day workshop on:

EMDR and Addiction presented by Philip Andrews – EMDR Consultant and

EMDR and Dissociation presented by Louise Mackinney - EMDR Consultant

on the 31st October 2020 from 9.30am-5.30pm

6 EMDR Association CPD points awarded for this event.

This will be an online event and CPD Certificates will be awarded following submission of the feedback form. 

EMDR and Addiction Workshop:

Working with clients that have addiction can present some the toughest challenges that we face as EMDR therapists.

This workshop will look at addiction through the lens of the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP). We will look at working with addiction with the standard EMDR 8 phase protocol and also look at adaptions to the standard protocol that may need to be made that will include the Miller Feeling State Addiction Protocol, the Popky DeTUR protocol and the Hase CravEX protocol. We will also consider Parnell’s Attachment Focussed addiction approach.

Live case studies will be presented to you to consider during the workshop.

EMDR and Dissociation Workshop:

Practitioners sometimes find it difficult to assess the level of dissociation in clients and the kind of adaptations we might need to make for those who are dissociative.

This workshop will first consider dissociative symptoms and will revise Structural dissociation. We will then think about ways of screening for dissociation, including the DES and the MID. We will explore ways in which standard protocol may need to be adapted and will look at the work of a number of practitioners, including Gonzalez and Mosquera, Paulsen, Knipe and others. 

There will be an opportunity to practice some of the skills.

Learning outcomes for the day: 

1. Critically consider Addiction through a trauma focused frame work.

2. Gain knowledge of Addiction specific protocols.

3. Reflect on the application of AIP as a theoretical framework pertinent to understanding addiction and subsequent treatment.

4. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy as either a sole, serial or parallel treatment intervention for Addiction.

5. Understanding Dissociation and how it presents.

6. Awareness of Clinical Measures used with regards to dissociation and safe practice.

7. Awareness of the theories related to dissociation.

8. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy with dissociation.

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